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Real Estate In Mahahual
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Strengthening Dollar Makes It a Good Time to Buy in Mexico
Expats are paying much less for real estate and many other products because the dollar has gained in strength against the Mexican peso. A 2015 Best Places in the World to Retire study, Expats: Expectations & Reality found that nearly nine in 10 expats cited the lower cost of living as the reason for their moving. Of course, most people don’t move solely because of a lower cost of living. They consider such things as the weather, safety and the availability and quality of healthcare. 
This may be a particularly compelling time to consider a move for those who receive their income in U. S. dollars. That’s because of the improving exchange rate between the U.S. dollar and the Mexican peso. It’s becoming cheaper to buy and rent products and services in Mexico. 
Let’s say that you want to rent a home for 10,000 Mexican pesos a month. On Jan 1, 2015, you would have had to exchange $674 for your rent. One year later, you would have had to exchange just $579. That’s a more than 14% rent reduction solely due to the increasing strength of the U.S. dollar. 
The 10,000 pesos can buy a large, comfortable place, too. Armando Contreras, a Mexican national in the Puerto Vallarta area, said that a recent client is paying that amount for a 3,500 sq ft, 5 bedroom, 4.5 bath villa in a secure community with a gardener and a view of the Pacific Ocean. 
The exchange rate works favorably for people purchasing properties, as well. 

Foreign ownership: There are three ways of owning Mexican property: via direct deed (all property in the interior), through a Mexican corporation or through a bank trust called a fideicomiso, for residential property on the beach. All three ways of property ownership are safe.

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Buying in Mexico
there hasn’t been a better time to buy in Mexico in 20 years! With the value of the US dollar, you can now buy lots or a home on the ocean for a lot less then years ago. But you better move quickly! With the value of the USD vs the Peso now at 19.00 to 1.00 don’t wait. Many people from the US and Canada are heading to Mahahual to purchase their dream property and the idea of living on the beach. With most of the infrastructure being completed as this is being written, electricity is now being completed in the upscale neighborhoods of San Jose and El Placer just north of the town of Mahahual. Mahahual is the only Cruise Ship Port on the Caribbean side of Mexico. 

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Living in Mahahual
Living in Mahahual, Sara's Story

For me, Life in the Mahahual has been a dream come true. Every day people ask me why I settled here after having lived in Wales, Canada, Spain and the USA. I had travelled the world for 5 years to search for a new place to settle down. I knew when I found the right place, I would know it and when I arrived here, my search was over.
My main criteria for a new home was the following: an inexpensive cost of living, affordable property prices, culture, community, safety, and a relaxed way of life. I have lived outside of Mahahual for four years and would not want to be anywhere else! In this small community everyone is friendly and helps each other out. I put up a thatched roof palapa on a pretty stretch of beach and now I am home.
I live up the coast from Mahahual, which is the nearest town. This beautiful town is approximately 4 hours drive south of Cancun and 90 or so miles north of the Belize border.
The year round population is approximately 2,000. The town has many amenities: grocery stores, fresh fruit and vegetable stands, pharmacies, hardware stores, hotels, restaurants and bars. There are two medical clinics, a dentist and a drinking water company. If you can’t find what you need in town, the state capital Chetumal is south of here near the Belize border. Shopping and entertainment abound there.
Near the town of Mahahual the warm aquamarine waters of the Carribean Sea are skirted with soft white sand as fine as sugar. The mesa-americano reef that runs from Mexico to Honduras is second only to the Great Barrier Reef in Australia. In addition, just east of Mahahual there is a marine reserve. A few fishermen live on the small atoll and it is a fantastic place to dive, snorkel or just relax for a day. As an avid fisher, diver and snorkeler these underwater worlds are paradise. There are spectacular colorful fish in and around the beautiful coral. And dinner is in the front yard! Also nearby, is the 1.3 million acre Sian Kaan Biosphere Preserve. The Preserve is not only teeming with birds and wildlife, it is also the site of more than 25 Mayans ruins.
Take a trip to the Laguna, where you can kayak out to mangrove islands full of nesting birds. Tri-colored heron and roseate spoonbills are common. If you are lucky, you might even see a jaguar or monkey, which are known to inhabit the park. After paddling around the lagoon, you can float down the crystal clear river and into the sea. Mild mannered manatees are sometimes spotted near here.
Nature surrounds you in Costa Maya. Just a few hours away is Lake Bacalar, Mexico’s second largest freshwater lake. Almost 50 kilometers long, it is sometimes called the Lake of Seven colors, because it’s clear waters range in color from aqua near the pale sandy beaches, to azure and deep navy blue as the water grows deeper. The lake is actually a lagoon fed by underground cenotes and a series of connected waterways that eventually lead to the ocean. It is surrounded by lush tropical rainforest.
This has become a haven for expat retirees and is one of Mexico’s best kept secrets.
If you are tired of nature and want to go back in time, Costa Maya is dotted with archeological sites. The best known are Tulum and Coba, a two hour drive away. Tulum is the third most visited archeological site in Mexico after Teotihuacan and Chichen Itza. After hiking through the Coba ruins, you can go deepwater jumping into the nearby cenotes. These are underground caves with pools of cool fresh water where stalactites and stalagmites surround you.
I like to keep busy and there are so many activities in and around Mahahual. Hiking, four-wheeling, fly fishing, paddle boarding, jet skiing, diving, snorkelling, sea fishing, kayaking, bird watching and beachcombing are just some of the activities you can enjoy when you live on the Costa Maya.
Finally, the other question that people ask me about Mexico, is whether or not it is safe. I can only speak to my own experiences here. I have travelled extensively through this beautiful country, with only my dog, for three years. I have never had a problem here. There are safety concerns in parts of Mexico, but if you use common sense you will be fine. One thing I advise people not to do, is drive at night in Mexico. Hotels are abundant and inexpensive and it’s safest to pull over before dark. Quintana Roo is one of the safest states in the country and the people here are amazingly helpful and friendly.
I live by myself and lived in a canvas tent under a palapa, on the beach for the first 2 years I lived here. I never had a problem with anyone during that time. I now have an enclosed bedroom made of beautiful local wood.
I can honestly say this is one of the best places I have ever lived. The weather is great, the people are fantastic, and my life could not be more complete. There is always something to do, plenty of places to explore, but the best part is if you want to you can just sit on the beach and watch the magnificent Caribbean Sea. Now its time to go and relax!
S. R.